The Benefits of Garage Coatings

The Benefits of Garage Coatings

If you want to keep your garage in excellent shape for years to come, garage coatings are the best solution.

Your garage is a vital part of your home. It keeps your valuables, and it plays an important role in your daily life.

More than half of American homes have a garage. And garages do a lot more than just keep your car safe from the elements. Americans spend a considerable amount of time tinkering in the garage on a typical day!

Read on about how you can improve your garage with a polyurea floor coating.

Benefits of Garage Coatings in Frisco

Here are five perks of having garage coatings to keep your garage functioning at its best for many years:

Enhanced Appearance

What’s the first thing you see when you open your garage door? Not your impeccable storage organization! Instead, you see the floor. 

Imagine having a gleaming garage floor showing off your car against a polished, stain-free backdrop. Plus, you can choose the design you want for your garage floor coatings. You’re not stuck with just one option.

Your concrete coatings can come in bright colors, clear, or with decorative chips. You can choose the design and colors to totally customize your garage coatings in Frisco.

Extra Protection

Your garage floor endures a lot of wear and tear. You drop tools, drive your car over it repeatedly, drip oil, and track dirt around. With concrete floor coatings, you won’t have to worry about unsightly strains or scratches anymore.

Think about how hard winter is for your garage floor. A mix of snow, ice, dirt, and road salt all spread out on your garage floor. But with a flexible, UV-resistant concrete coating, your garage floor can stand up to the harsh winter snow and ice and hot summer weather.

Lastly, having a garage coating will also protect you from slips and falls when the floor becomes wet. If you work in your garage often, having a slip-resistant floor is vital.

Easy Installation

If you’re worried about the hassle of installing a polyurea coating, the reality is that garage coatings are very simple to install. They can also be installed at any time of the year.

You will not have to worry about fumes coming into your home during installation. Garage coating installation is one of the easiest renovation projects you can do for your home. When you work with an experienced Frisco garage coating company, their experts can lay down the base coat, sprinkle decorative flakes, then pour the protective top coat. 

The best thing is that curing only takes 24 hours, not days or months!

Easy Cleaning

One of the best perks of having a coated garage floor is how easy it is to clean. This may be the biggest benefit if you work in your garage often. Just spray the floor with water, mop it off, and you’re done!

Your garage coating will protect the concrete beneath it and acts as a shield. It will also protect your garage floor from stains that can be difficult to remove without protection. Oil, dirt, and other fluids? Cleaning will be a breeze with a garage coating.

Having a coated garage also prevents concrete dust from spreading on the floor. You might notice this grayish-white dust on unsealed concrete, but the concrete coating stops the concrete dust in its tracks and prevents the concrete from chipping or cracking.

Increases Property Value

If you plan to sell your home, coating your garage floor can boost your property value and increase asking prices. It is an investment that will not break the bank but will increase your property’s value substantially.

Future buyers of your home will be delighted that you took the time to take care of your garage. Having a garage coated may be one of the best home improvement projects you take on with a high return on investment.

Top-notch Garage Coatings in Frisco

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