Revamp Your Business with Stylish and Practical Commercial Coatings

Revamp Your Business with Stylish and Practical Commercial Coatings

Uninspiring concrete floors can negatively impact your business in countless ways. So why languish with the dull and wearisome? We have just what you need to lift morale: commercial coatings

Whether you run or own a small local store or a large corporate office, this upgrade brings a wealth of advantages to any setting. Keep reading and discover how!

What Makes it Different from a Paint Job?

To the untrained eye, our commercial coatings might seem interchangeable with products like acrylic and latex. While both options apply a slick, smooth finish, the similarities end there.

Cheaper paints will only “sit on top” of the concrete, while coatings penetrate deep within the pores and bond with the material. Simply put, you get a new surface that won’t peel, chip, or stain— even when subjected to harsher conditions. It’s no coincidence why so many industrial environments, high-traffic areas, and even busier residential spaces opt for this kind of protection.

Commercial Coatings in Frisco: Why They Make the Perfect Upgrade

How can one type of refurbishment meet the needs of different companies? Whether you operate in the hospitality, production, or retail world, you won’t regret making this investment. Here’s why.

Streamline Maintenance

No one wants to spend their days buffing or scrubbing a concrete slab. If you or your workforce allot too much time and effort to upkeep, something has to change. The best companies constantly look for ways to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Treated floors are not only easier to take care of but require fewer materials and cleaning treatments as well, which in turn saves more money! It also frees up time for other tasks that make a difference in the long run.

Dazzle Clientele, Employees, and Partners Alike

If you run a public-facing establishment, you always need to look your best. Nothing says quality quite like a professionally coated floor— it will draw the eyes of everyone who passes by and leave a good first impression! It may even impact a future deal or two.

Plus, a clean and polished atmosphere can positively impact staff morale. It’s an easy yet effective way to show that you care about the welfare of your team.

Safety First

Who knew that bare concrete floors could be so hazardous? Whether you work with heavy machinery or have customers who tend to walk around, one slip-up can result in serious injury. Anti-slip coatings provide sufficient traction and act as a cushioning layer against possible accidents.

Don’t wait for someone to slap you with an expensive lawsuit. Get ahead of the game and do what’s best for your business.

Brighten Up an Area — Literally

Do you have plans to add new lighting, but the associated costs and downtime keep holding you back? Commercial coatings make an effective alternative— and it doesn’t require a complicated installation process. If you opt for a reflective finish, they can “bounce” existing light back into the room and create an airier, modern space.

Promote a Sanitary Environment

Does your trade follow strict regulations when it comes to cleanliness? If you belong to the health, food, or beauty industry, you should leave no margin for error. Raw concrete has a highly porous surface, where it can soak up moisture and create an environment for microorganisms to thrive.

A quality coat creates a moisture barrier and seals off all the nooks and crannies. It’s a guaranteed way to prevent mold or mildew from forming and promote an overall tidier space.

Want to Give Your Property Value a Boost?

A beautiful, functional floor can add a lot more worth to your property. Plus, you don’t have to go through the hassle of expensive demolition or total renovations. It’s one of those investments that pays itself back quickly and adds a healthy sum in the end.

Finding the Best High-Quality Commercial Coating

Who doesn’t want the most cost-effective solutions for their enterprise? Not all coating products deliver the same performance— so you need to stay mindful when making this decision. Let’s go over the most popular ones and their most relevant characteristics.

Epoxy: The Affordable Choice

Many people get this material because they gravitate toward the cheaper price point. While it does provide fairly durable protection, it has a few shortcomings.

This material can warp and take on an undesirable yellowish tint when subjected to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Additionally, it takes longer to cure, which makes it unsuitable for time-sensitive projects.

Cutting-Edge Polyurea: Today’s Gold Standard

This is a top pick for those who need something stronger and more resilient than epoxy. It stands up to tough wear and tear better, lasts longer in direct sunlight, and completely hardens in as little as a day. The longer lifespan also makes polyurea a better option if you prefer less frequent maintenance.

Ready to Give Your Floors a Facelift? Consult Our Coating Experts!

At LS Concrete Coatings, we specialize in revamping indoor and outdoor surfaces. When you partner with our trusted team, expect:

  • A full evaluation of your requirements
  • Professional advice to select the appropriate material for a long-lasting finish
  • Top-quality service and durable installations that meet all safety standards
  • Five-year product warranties for your peace of mind

Don’t put off any longer what could be an easy way to improve your operations. Contact our LS Concrete Coatings team at (469) 604-6802 and learn more about our commercial coatings today. We look forward to serving you.