Protect Your Investment with a Polyurea Coated Garage Floor

Protect Your Investment with a Polyurea Coated Garage Floor

Tired of the dreary, dull concrete in your automotive space? Fed up with cracked and crumbling surfaces that require costly maintenance? Fear not!

Polyurea garage coatings are the answer to your problem. Not only do they provide an attractive look, but they also create robust protection against the harshest environments — all without breaking the bank! Keep reading to find out more about this miracle upgrade.

What Exactly Are They?

“Aren’t they just the same as paint but pricier?” Wrong!

Premium coatings contain a careful balance of polymers, resins, hardeners, and other materials that readily bond with your floors. The end result is a long-lasting surface that won’t chip, peel, or stain like your average paint job.

You usually find it used in industrial environments, commercial establishments, and other locations with high foot traffic. Now you know why!

Reap the Full Benefits of Garage Coatings in Frisco

Does a coated floor fit the needs of an auto-enthusiast? Absolutely! Consider these advantages, and your to-do list won’t be complete without it:

Protect Your Investment from the Elements

Vehicular areas take a beating all year round, from hot tire pickup to oil spills, extreme temperatures, and humidity. All these elements can degrade your concrete — unless you seal them properly!

Coatings act as a shield that resists all these issues, so your investment remains safe and sound. Why risk pricey repairs (or worse, a full-blown replacement) when you can prevent them in the first place?

Add “Illumination”

We know that most auto rooms lack sufficient lighting. Instead of spending an inordinate amount of time and money installing additional fixtures, why not pick garage coatings with highly reflective properties?

These special pigments help to bounce light around, effectively brightening up the whole space with minimal investments. It’s a great way to save energy and make your place safer for everyone in it.

Prioritize Safety

Who hasn’t fallen over concrete at some point in their life? The material notoriously becomes slippery when wet, and they have hard-to-see imperfections that can easily trip a person up.

Our treatments help eliminate existing damage to reduce the chances of a nasty accident. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even opt for specialized anti-slip coatings.

Choose Your Ideal Aesthetic

No one wants to spend time in a dreary, dull area — and why should you? Coated surfaces add a touch of luxury to any garage with an attractive finish. Make your workroom stand out from the rest by choosing between:

  • Solid hues
  • Color flakes
  • Stone-inspired looks
  • Metallic finishes
  • Custom designs and logos

Polyurea garage coatings are particularly useful features for business owners and managers who want to make a good first impression. You can also use it to personalize your home and increase its market value.

Make Burdensome Maintenance a Thing of the Past

We all know how difficult and expensive it is to keep bare concrete pristine. It’s highly absorbent, making it susceptible to enduring stains and odors. It also contains tiny crannies that harbor dirt and grime—effectively doubling your cleaning time!

With a simple coat, you can get a smooth, non-porous surface that makes upkeep a breeze. All it takes regular sweeping and the occasional quick mop, and you’re good to go!

What’s Polyurea and What Makes it Better?

Did you know that coat products come in different varieties? You’re likely familiar with epoxy, arguably the most well-known kind. People tend to choose this option for its affordability initially.

However, polyurea is much more cost-effective in the long run. This modern technology brings a unique set of perks to the table that makes it worth considering for your projects:

You Don’t Have to be Afraid of a Little Sun

Most epoxies will eventually crack or fade under natural light, which can be a significant issue for sunnier garages. These offerings counter this problem with strong UV protection that helps them maintain their original luster even after years of exposure.

It Just Lasts Longer

With up to 20 times more strength than epoxy, you can expect your new covering to last for years without multiple re-coatings. Most have an average lifespan of over three decades when properly maintained.

Do You Frequently Work with Strong Chemicals?

Through extensive third-party testing, polyurea materials have demonstrated exceptional endurance when exposed to caustic substances like:

  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Acetic acid
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Detergents
  • And more

Speed Up the Refurbishment Process

If you need to get your space operational as soon as possible, you’ll love the rapid drying times of these products. They serve as effective solutions for businesses that can’t afford extended downtime or homeowners in a rush to get things done.

Don’t Risk Going DIY. Partner with Trusted Coating Experts!

Installing a new coating on your garage floor is no easy feat. It requires a lot of planning, precision, and specialized tools to get the job done right. That’s why it pays off to hire the services of an experienced professional.

At LS Concrete Coatings, we go above and beyond to deliver exactly what you need. We promise:

  • Competitive rates and convenient financing options
  • Professional advice with helpful customer service
  • Safety-tested, non-toxic solutions
  • Fast turnaround times
  • And more

Do you need a high-quality commercial coating for your showroom or want to spruce up a private space? Be it business or pleasure, we have you covered. Contact our LS Concrete Coatings team at (469) 604-6802 to learn more about our polyurea garage coatings in Frisco.