Protect Business Surfaces With Long-Lasting Commercial Coatings

Protect Business Surfaces With Long-Lasting Commercial Coatings

Commercial coatings restore your flooring to a pristine state by covering dullness, cracks, and chips. In this post, LS Concrete Coatings explains why sealants make one of the most effective solutions for restoring commercial buildings. Whether you run a warehouse, school, or shopping mall, the right commercial coatings in Frisco, TX, will keep it looking its best, reduce maintenance, and enhance its appeal. Our quality coatings will transform dull and dreary surfaces into masterpieces overnight.


We offer custom commercial coatings to suit your individual needs. Unlike commercial painting contractors who deal with a limited range of products, we can change the formulation, texture, and additives to create a show-stopping and durable floor.

The Best Quality Commercial Coatings

Our polyurea-based systems provide protection and a lasting finish that commercial painting cannot replicate. We use a polyurea base specifically formulated with your unique needs in mind. We then apply a tough-as-nails polyaspartic top coat, completing our diamond-standard system for maximum protection.

The Benefits of Using Commercial Concrete Coatings

Why select our range of commercial coatings over the less expensive options offered by painting contractors? The simple answer is longevity. Epoxy-based floor paint does provide a long-lasting solution, but it is still only a surface treatment. It handles wear and tear better than most products but not nearly as well as polyurea.

Stronger and More Flexible

Polyurea, the next generation of epoxy, comes from a derivative of polyurethane. It has four times the strength of traditional epoxy and bonds with the surface. As a result, the coating will not lift, chip, or flake as paint does.

In addition, polyurea offers greater flexibility than epoxy, making it far more resilient. When the concrete expands and contracts due to temperature extremes, the polyurea can move with it. Epoxy, on the other hand, becomes brittle and prone to cracking because of its less-malleable properties.

It is also for this reason that polyurea can bear greater weight and has better shock-absorptive properties. The polyurea disperses the shock across the entire surface area, reducing the potential for damage overall. The flooring can, therefore, bear the impact of tires and forklifts better than standard epoxy.

Outstanding Temperature Resistance

Commercial coatings in Frisco must be able to handle the high heat of summer. Thanks to polyurea’s flexibility, it can manage sudden temperature changes much better than epoxy. It can also bear higher heat and even steam in industrial facilities without chipping or peeling.

Chemical Resistance

Our coatings prove resistant to oil, salt, acids, hydroxides, gasoline, and other chemicals, making them ideal for industrial use. Epoxy becomes susceptible to many chemicals, making it far less suitable.

UV Resistance

Epoxy was an industry-changing formulation in its day, but it has some significant points against it. One of these stems from its insatiability in direct sunlight. Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings came about in answer to these shortcomings. Our coatings remain 100% UV stable.


Do you need a show-stopping showroom floor or a simple warehouse coating that can withstand heavy pressure? Either way, we can assist. We can create a custom look by changing up the additives.

For example, we can add a quartz layer for extra strength or use a striking solid color. We can recreate the look of an expensive stone or use vinyl flakes in your brand colors. You have many options.

Every Coating You Need

We offer a variety of coatings and decorative elements to achieve the level of protection you require. Speak to our team about the challenges you face on your premises, and we’ll select the best formulation for your needs, vision, and budget.

Our expert team will then come in and install the new floor coating quickly and efficiently. We complete the average job in one day, and you can move back in within 24 hours.

Our Process

Our team handles each stage of the process, making installation effortless for you. We follow our carefully honed procedures to guarantee optimal results:

  • We begin by grinding the surface to remove the grubby surface and even the flooring. We vacuum all the dust to leave a clean finish.
  • We then use 100% solids to repair any chips or cracks.
  • Our next step includes laying the self-priming polyurea foundational layer.
  • While the surface is still wet, we add the decorative elements.
  • Once the surface cures, we smooth off any bumps or protruding flakes.
  • The final step includes pouring the polyaspartic top coat to seal the surface.

Why Choose Us?

Clients trust us because of our unwavering attention to detail and commitment to outstanding customer service. We are your go-to provider for commercial flooring in Texas. Our expert team uses the best quality products to ensure your coating remains durable, beautiful, and functional.

Speak to us about a custom system that meets your company’s unique needs and enjoy fast, efficient service with no comebacks. We understand that you cannot shut your business down for weeks at a time, so we complete the task in a day. You merely wait another day, and the flooring is move-in ready.

In addition, we offer an industry-leading 15-year warranty on our chip systems, which is three times as long as most of our competitors.

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