How Concrete Sealing Can Help Avoid Costly Repairs in the Future

How Concrete Sealing Can Help Avoid Costly Repairs in the Future

Having a concrete driveway, patio, pool deck, or floor isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Actually, they’re among the most popular flooring options, with a variety of colors and textures to choose from. 

What many of us don’t know is that concrete is like skin, with millions of pores on the surface. If not properly cared for, these pores can lead to your concrete surface cracking, staining, and deteriorating much quicker. 

It could even lead to some pretty serious health problems by harboring mold and other harmful fungi and bacteria. So, how can you avoid these issues and keep your concrete surfacing looking pristine? Invest in high-quality concrete sealing!

A concrete sealer creates a barrier between your concrete surface and external elements such as dirt, grease, ice, and UV light. You’ll have a more durable and good-looking floor that will save thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run! 

Let’s dig into the details and learn more about concrete sealing in Frisco. 

Basics First: What Is Concrete Sealing?

A concrete sealer is a water-resistant solution applied to a concrete surface to protect it against external elements. If you live in an area prone to freeze-thaw cycles, a reputable concrete flooring contractor will most certainly advise you to seal your exterior concrete surfaces. 

A good sealer can prevent up to 99% of surface water absorption, protecting your concrete against moisture damage. But that’s not all; it can extend the life of your concrete and preserve its aesthetic appeal. 

Depending on your specific needs, you can choose either a topical sealer or a penetrating sealer. Do you need more information to help you decide?

Topical sealers are film-forming products that form a waterproof layer over your concrete, and they’ll give your surface a glossy look. On the other hand, penetrating sealers are reactive and blend with the material to form a waterproof compound and have a matte finish. 

If you still can’t make up your mind, an experienced floor coating expert can help you pick the best option. 

Negative Consequences You Could Encounter if You Don’t Seal Concrete

Although it may seem pretty indestructible, concrete can’t stand up to some elements. Brace yourself for any of these issues if you don’t seal your concrete floors properly:

Aggregate Expansion

This phenomenon is prevalent in winter when you pour salt on the concrete driveway to melt the snow. After thawing, the resulting water will seep into the cracks of the slab and remain there until it freezes. 

Do you know what happens when water freezes? It expands and moves the concrete, leading your driveway to start cracking over time. 

Chemical Damage

The carbon dioxide from the air and calcium hydroxide in the concrete react through carbonation to form calcium carbonate. This resultant chemical reduces the longevity of concrete and also impacts the reinforcement steel in the concrete, causing it to rust and eventually crumble. 

Weather Disintegration

Constant fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions will gradually make the concrete brittle. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking about repairing or replacing your concrete driveway. 


Constant exposure to direct sunlight will make your concrete surface form small bubbles, also known as blisters, which can be unsightly and dangerous.

The Advantages of Concrete Sealing

We can’t overstate the perks that come with sealing your concrete surfaces. They range from protecting the surface against moisture damage to reducing the cleaning and maintenance requirements. 

Are you still wondering whether you should seal your concrete surfaces? Let’s check out some of its notable benefits:

Concrete Sealers Repel Moisture

The porous nature of concrete makes it susceptible to damage from continual moisture exposure. It will grow mold or moss that can weaken its structure. 

Sealing your concrete will help keep moisture at bay. No more dealing with destructive mold!

Sealing Will Transform Your Surface

The appearance of concrete isn’t the most appealing. It looks rough and dull right after pouring, and it can fade and develop a shabby look over time. 

Applying a sealer will enhance the overall appearance of your concrete. Most sealers give concrete a vibrant and shiny look while also preserving its color. 

It Protects Concrete from Cracking

A high-quality sealer will prevent cracks and frost heave on your driveway, walkway, and other concrete surfaces. Additionally, it will block all the small imperfections that promote the formation of larger cracks. 

Concrete Sealers Prevent Staining

You won’t worry about permanent stains when you seal your driveway, pool deck, garage floor, patio, and other concrete surfaces. You will be able to easily wipe off grease, oil, and other chemicals from your sealed surface without leaving unsightly stains. 

Sealing Concrete Increases Its Longevity

Generally, unsealed concrete only lasts up to 20 years. Applying a sealer not only protects your concrete but ensures it lasts longer. With high-quality sealing, your concrete driveway can last over three decades. 

It’s worth noting that replacing a concrete surface is far more expensive than concrete sealing. So, why not go for the cost-effective option and save thousands of dollars on reconstruction? 

You may feel tempted to seal your concrete yourself, but it’s trickier than you think. You’re better off hiring a professional to ensure long-term results. 

Professional Concrete Sealing in Frisco

While we’ve focused on the importance of concrete sealing, it all starts with proper installation. LS Concrete Coatings is your trusted source for top-notch concrete sealing services in Frisco, TX. Give us a call for your free quote today!