Customizing Your Concrete Coating Solution for Your Home

Enhance the value and aesthetic of your home with a customized concrete coating solution from LS Concrete Coatings. Our experienced technicians can protect pool decks, outdoor spaces, garages, loading bays and more from moisture penetration and abrasions.

LS Concrete Coatings is proud to be the leading provider of customizable concrete coatings in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas. Whenever residents and business owners want to preserve the value of their structural investments while achieving their design goals, they call our technicians for a new concrete coating. We protect pool decks, outdoor, garages, loading bays, and other spaces from moisture penetration and abrasions.

Aesthetics are usually not a concern for our customers looking to protect their industrial floors from damage. They are more worried about how their concrete floor will handle heavy foot and vehicle traffic with no issues.

However, our technicians work on thousands of square meters of public-facing residential and commercial structures annually. Building managers overseeing office lobbies, shops, and office parks are always curious about the design options that new coatings offer. In this article, our technicians will outline how a polymer and water-based floor coating can help you achieve your aesthetic goals while protecting your floors, cabinetry, and decks from damage.

Choosing Your Concrete Coating

Choosing the correct concrete coating for your property is the first step toward reaching your design aspirations. A high-gloss coating outdoors will obscure the view of decorative flakes and embossed patterns in its sublayers, rendering your design useless. A concrete coating with low abrasion resistance will look awful within a few years in fleet garages, loading bays, and other areas where vehicles with heavy loads drive through daily.

Here are a few tips to help you pick the concrete coating that fits your customization needs.

Are Epoxy Coatings Customizable?

Epoxy coatings are the most cost-efficient and versatile solution on the market. It is the material of choice for residential and commercial customers working on a small- to mid-sized floor upgrade. You can find it on hundreds of basement floors, garages, and patios across our service areas.

Epoxy floors always leave a high-gloss finish no matter what paints, dyes, and additives you install, making them an ideal solution for indoor spaces with little to no natural light. Underground parking structures almost always have epoxy coatings as they rely on indoor fluorescent lighting for illumination. However, epoxy coatings are not UV-stable, so they will begin to yellow and discolor after a few years of direct sunlight exposure.

Epoxy coatings are heavily customizable, and our technicians at LS Concrete Coatings can use computer-aided design programs to help you visualize your new floors once they cure. You can install them in limitless tones, colors, shades, and textures, including ones that imitate the appearance of lava, mica, slat wall, brindle, and sand. We can cut decorative flakes in various sizes and overlay them in differing broadcast densities, allowing clients to customize the visual consistency of their new floors.

We can install anti-slip additives to create a safer living space for you, your family, or your customers. An epoxy concrete coating leaves a watertight finish that can be slippery when wet.

Are Polyurea Coatings Customizable?

Polyurea offers the same customizability as epoxy coatings while upgrading your level of protection. Unlike epoxy, polyurea coatings are UV-stable, rendering them immune to discoloration from sunlight. Also, they can tolerate freezing and boiling temperatures without peeling or melting, withstanding sub-zero winters and substances that are hotter than 200 degrees Celsius.

Polyurea is already four times more durable than epoxy, but our technicians can install additives that could upgrade its fire-retardant, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof properties. Much like epoxy, we can install anti-slip and seismic reinforcement modifications to make your property safer with a polyurea coat. We can also install them in an epoxy hybrid system if you are on a budget.

Polyurea coatings are perfect for nearly all indoor and outdoor use cases. You can find them on pool decks, medical lab floors, and restaurant patios all over Texas. Technicians can apply them in various colors and apply broadcast flakes in a broad range of densities.

Clients love decorative flakes in cork, autumn, and cream color schemes that give their homes and businesses a comfortable and welcoming aesthetic. Gravel, pebble, and sand-inspired designs give outdoor spaces a non-artificial look that blends well with surrounding gardens, forest lands, and grill areas.

Are Polyaspartic Systems Customizable?

Polyaspartic systems are sub-variants of polyurea, and many technicians call them aliphatic polyurea coatings. They work best as a topcoat for an epoxy-polyurea hybrid system or a single base coat. You can also request technicians to apply them directly on a concrete substrate.

Polyaspartic features a faster curing time than epoxy and is naturally UV-stable, impact-resistant, and waterproof. It is impervious to snow tires, oil spills, and dried gum, making it an ideal solution for commercial and residential garages. Polyaspartic systems offer the same design options as polyurea and epoxy, and they can help you transform a plain-looking garage into a showroom.

Much like epoxy, polyaspartic coatings leave a high-gloss finish, helping areas without access to natural light gain additional illumination from artificial sources. Our technicians can install decorative flakes and a limitless selection of color combinations that suits your indoor and outdoor paintwork. We can finish your floors in metallic, pearlescent, and matte hues over a textured substrate that can look like marble, ocean swirls, or cork.

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