Can I Have My Garage Floor Coated in the Winter?

Can I Have My Garage Floor Coated in the Winter?

Most Frisco homeowners ask, “Can I have my garage floor coated in winter?”

Yes! It’s actually a great time to coat your garage floor. However, there are some factors that you should consider before installing your garage floor covering.

First, it’s important to note that if it’s cold when you apply a polyurea or polyurethane coating, it will take longer for these products to dry, so you must allow for adequate curing time.

Also, you may be unable to apply epoxy coatings due to weather and moisture limitations. Colder temperatures and excess moisture may prevent the epoxy coating from bonding well to the substrate.

If you do decide that you want to go ahead with coating your garage floor regardless of what the weather is like outside—which we highly recommend for all other coatings except epoxy—then all that’s left is making sure your concrete surface is clean and ready for application!

It’s all about timing, and flooring professionals will work with you to ensure your garage floor gets the right coating when it needs it most.

5 Reasons to Install Garage Coatings in Winter

The Quality of the Finish Remains the Same

Except for epoxy coatings, the quality of the finish is the same, even if you’ve got a colder garage floor.

Once installed, garage floor coatings create a seal that protects it from damage. Just ensure you’re keeping everything clean and dry and applying your coating according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Enjoy a Faster Installation

Winter isn’t as busy a season as summer, giving homeowners and businesses more flexibility when scheduling service and allowing you to get your garage floor coating sooner! Also, you can take advantage of the discounts that most companies offer in the slower winter months.

Protect Your Garage Floor from Moisture Penetration

Coating your garage floor at the beginning of winter will mean more protection from salt, moisture, snow, and water. The coating will also prevent any corrosion and rust from exposure to these elements. It will create a waterproof barrier that prevents moisture and, by extension, mold and mildew, which can cause health problems for you and your family.

If snow or ice accumulates outside but not on top of your garage floor, it will melt off easily once it gets inside because the coating is completely waterproof.

Prep Your Garage Floor for the Spring/Summer Season

Coating your garage floor in winter also prepares it for the busy spring/summer season, when grime and debris from outside can get tracked into your garage.

It also prepares it for the busy spring/summer season. If you have a concrete garage, this is especially important because concrete can crack and wear down over time, especially when exposed to harmful UV rays.

Most importantly, coating your garage floor with a protective sealant allows it to last longer, look better, and feel smoother—perfect for the warmer months ahead!

Less Dirt and Dust during the Installation

The colder the temperature, the more likely that the garage floor installation will be less dusty and dirty than it would be during other seasons. This makes cleaning up any dust or debris easier before you start the installation process.

Second, if you wait until spring or summer to install your garage floor coating, there’s a good chance that rain or melting snow will cause dirt and mud from outside to get tracked inside your garage, creating more of a mess to clean up before the garage floor installation. 

Let Your Local Frisco Experts Transform Your Garage Space with High-Quality Garage Floor Coatings

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